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 The Fall of a Hundred Blades - par Kicks-of-Biting-Frost

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Messages : 1604
Date d'inscription : 24/12/2011
Age : 29
Localisation : Longueuil

MessageSujet: The Fall of a Hundred Blades - par Kicks-of-Biting-Frost   Mar 19 Juin - 11:14

Brothers and sisters, I am here before you tonight, even though I am no Skald, to tell you a tale of young wolves, proud and strong, who faced a monster that wolves so young do not often meet. I am here before you tonight, so that their actions will not be forgotten, and so that the tale of their fight will be sung throughout our lands. Believe me when I tell you that, in our heart and memories, that fight will always remain.

The day had been heavy with rain, and the clouds were so grey and huge that we had no hopes of greeting Luna that night. During the time when Helios starts to leave the sky, and Luna appears, the Sons of Katyusha came to our sept, with alarming news. In the city where they dwell, some worrying signs had started to make them fear that Jormungandr was at work. With the help of the city spirits, they had finally found his lair, and went themselves to see what dark powers were at work. Under the leadership of The_Pride, Modi and proud son of the Fenrir, they investigated the building as well as the Umbra. What they found in the city was corruption. A bunch of humans, dealing in illegal fighting and pitting russians against finnish in huge steel cages.

In one of the cages was a human, a finnish, the hugest man you ever saw. He must have been eight feet talls, with legs as bigs as trees, and arms strong enough to break a man without a sweat. To the Sons of Katyusha, it was obvious that this man had some sort of unnatural strength, and that they had to find the source, which didn't take them too long. As soon as they went to the Umbral City, they were faced with an enormous part of it where the Pattern Spiders could not go. A huge building, stinking, rotten and surrounded by a dark aura that the Spiders could not overthrow. Jormungandr was all over the place.

They came to the Sept, and the Wyrmfoe, their packleader, anounced that we were to go and strike Jormungandr on this very night. We howled in joy at the news, and Ash-Biter called for a War Council, in order to determine our course of action. On the council sat the Sons of Katyusha, Coals of Burning Wrath, Ash-Biter and myself. We decided to strike in the Umbra first, to eradicate the source of that foulness at his root. Candide, Cliath of the Shadowlords, and Raised-by-the-Wolf would stay outside on the lookout. The rest of the sept would fight the monster where it stood.

Coals of Burning Wrath and I made some talens, with the aid of blood and fire spirits, and we all took our wolf form and shifted in the Umbra from outside the city limits. It was Ash-Biter, the Sons of Katyusha, Makes the Mountain Smiles, Coals of Burning Wrath and me, and we were all ready for the kill. In order to please Mitanu and gain her favor during the fight, we had decided that we would go in with a more tricky way of fighting. The_Urge, Cliath, Arhoun of the Silent Striders, was to act as bait, and lure the monster outside. After a very inspiring speech from both Ash-Biter and The_Pride, and a pact with the local Patern Spiders by The_Concrete, The_Urge went to start the hostilities.

He rammed at the building, pissed on it and dared the beast to come out, which it did. Swift as the wind, The_Urge dodged the gigantic, metallic spider-like claw that emerged from the inside of the factory, and then continued to taunt him. After being taunted one last time, Makes-the-Mountain-Smiles making him quite mad by offering to kick his teeth in in the name of Volcano, it went berserk. The creature that got out of the building was a montrosity. At his ant-spider-like body were attached four legs, covered in sharps razors and spikes, the two on the rear ending in bird-like claws, and the two at the front made of swords. Its whole body was covered in spikes, syringes, metallic chitin, and, from between the various layers of chitin he had, oozed putrid, corrupted fluids. His eyes, filled with pus, were mad with every emotions a mad mind could feel.

Ash-Biter and Coals-of-Burning-Wrath did not wait for it to give the first blow, and while the Rotagar swung an axe at his torso, Ash-Biter shot him with a scori-blessed arrow that blinded him. Moving swiftly, I called upon the spirits of the FimbulWinter Wolf residing in my greaves, and kicked him at the joint between a leg and the main body. He started to freeze immediatly. The_Urge then started to throw javelins at him, while The_Concrete summoned his military totem to come to our aid. The Pattern Spiders were restricting his movements, and The_Pride was slashing at him with an axe, at a dangerously close distance.

Makes-the-Mountain-Smile summoned Fog to our aid, definitely forbiding our enemy to see anything that was happening around him, but we saw him, and that sealed his fate. Safe for the Godi, we all closed on him. The wolf-born made a surprising jump, flew right over the beast and clawed him fiercly. Ash-Biter and myself were drilling it with blows, its body freezing more with each new kick it received, but the glory of the final blow goes to The_Urge who, in a powerful howl, shred his torso to pieces.

Let it be known that the Firetrolls are fierce warriors, and that a group of newly-made Cliath, with the aid of only one Fostern, gloriously vanquished, without any one of them getting hurt, a Psychomachiae, on its own ground, and made it beg for mercy!

Kicks-of-Biting-Frost, Forseti of the Fenrir
Warder of the Sept of the Firetrolls
Truthcatcher of the Sept of the Firetrolls
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The Fall of a Hundred Blades - par Kicks-of-Biting-Frost

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